Pedersoli Philadelphia Derringer .45 Caliber Muzzleloader Percussion Cap Pistol

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Barrel length 3 1/16”

Overall length 6 5/16”

Weight .54 lbs


One classics of gun history, becoming a true icon for its small dimensions and for its self defence role. When John Henry Deringer (1786-1868) opened his firearms factory in the 1806 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he could not imagine that one of his creation could have the success that inspired so many other guns producers until the beginning of 1900. Deringer’s pocket pistols renown infamously increased towards the end of its production period due to a tragic fact of American history. A similar pistol, in fact, was found in one of the Ford theatre’s boxes in Washington, where on the evening of the 14th of April 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was deadly injured by John Wilkes Booth.

Deringer manufactured pistols and military rifles, also flintlock guns, travel and duelling pistols and production of this model of about fifteen thousand units started in the 1850 and ended in 1870, two years after his death. The barrel’s length varied from 1 ½” to 6”. Deringer’s style, copied by other producers, led to the identification of many pocket pistols with “derringer” name.

The Pedersoli  Deringer Philadelphia is a faithful reproduction with brass furniture and case hardened lock, on the lock the original markings on two lines: Deringer / Philadela. The barrel, brown colour, is equipped with a brass V aiming rear sight and blade front sight. The pistol grip is made of walnut, lacquered, with crossed chequered features.

The gun is also available cased in a nicely shaped wooden box which also contains a small powder flask (C.945).