Pedersoli Indian Trade Musket 20ga Flintlock Muzzleloader

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c. 1760-1830 

Overall length 52”

Barrel length 36”


The Indian Trade Musket model faithfully reflects the type of rifles that since the late 1700s were used by the most well known trading companies (Northwest Co., Hudson’s Bay Co., American Fur Co.) for the trades with the American Indians and the white hunters.

These guns showing the classical lines of the old European muskets produced both by European manufacturers and by the most well known American manufacturers, such as Leman, Henry, Tryon and Deringer.

The snake shape decoration is enriched by engravings. The wood ramrod and the large trigger guard were typical features of these guns.
Made with walnut stock and rust brown colour barrel can compete in the clay pigeon target class in the Manton R discipline, or it can be used for general hunting, loading either shot or a round ball. The kit version is supplied with metallic nails to create drawings referred, for instance to the Sioux Lakota’s culture. The more frequent ornament was a circle with inside one cross to feature the “Medicine Wheel” or “The Sacre Life Circle” (Cangleska Wakan). It represents the harmony of the universe with the corps circular shape and their movement; the cross represents the unified four directions that support the creation structure, keeping it steady. The number four can refer to the Seasons, to the day’s phases of the man’s existence, the parts of a tree, or the human races.