Abe’s All Natural Skin Stick Lotion Bar

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Abe’s All Natural Skin Sticks are glide on lotion bars in a BPA-free tube applicator.

Each skin stick contains a blend of all natural premium ingredients including organic avocado butter, Argan oil, frankincense infused olive oil, and essential oils.

Don’t be fooled by the tube. This is NOT deodorant. Think of it as lotion in a stick that uses a clever applicator. You can use it on dry skin and trouble spots, or apply it all over as a full body moisturizer.

Our skin sticks are made from all natural, organic ingredients. We call them skin sticks, because chemically they're not quite lotions. Traditional "lotions" are a combination of oil and water along with an emulsifier to keep them blended together.

Natural emulsifiers and preservatives used in lotions tend to go rancid very quickly, and therefore those types lotions must be kept in the refrigerator. But who wants to use a cold lotion?

That's why we've created skin sticks! All natural, not cold, and guess what... no mess! You just apply it from the stick.

If you want to treat yourself to a natural organic type of lotion, we recommend trying one of our Abe's All Natural Skin Sticks.

We created them just for you using premium ingredients such as avocado butter, argan oil, beeswax, and infused oils. We personally infused these oils over a period of time for use in our products. We even hand crushed the leaves and resins using a mortar and pestle, and when the infusion process was complete, we preserved the oils with plant based vitamin E tocopherols.

All of our Abe's All Natural Skin Sticks come in 2.5oz BPA free, Made In USA containers. We hope you enjoy them!